Hong Kong Jack Ciao Map: Transport - RISO



Hong Kong Jack Ciao Map: Transport - RISO

A map/zine inspires readers to discover Hong Kong.

Jack Ciao Studio started the Hong Kong Jack Ciao Map project in 2016. Immigration might be one of the most common topics among HongKongers. Jack Ciao will show you the places, with 20 years history, which are worth to redefine and to get to know. "The disaster film" has been releasing after 23 years of the handover of Hong Kong. Fleeing in Hong Kong is now happening. During these tough times, Jack Ciao published 2 new maps, both are available in Cantonese and English.

Printed at dotdotdot, a RISO print studio in Hong Kong

What's RISO?
An experimental and unique printing. RISO is a stencil duplicator in between screen printing and photocopying which developed in Japan in 1980s as a way to print efficiently and economically. The overlaying printing, screen dots and vibrant colours make an unique print.

RISO print | 3 colours | 14 x 10 x 0.2 cm

Tiffany Tam