Brotte - Bord Elegance Laudun 2018 優雅河岸 紅酒 750ml


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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

國家 : France
地區 : Rhone
分區 : Cotes du Rhone Villages
葡萄品種 : Grenache, Syrah

風土 : 
The vines are planted on slopes which are composed of clay-sand stones or gravels, with poor soils which drain water perfectly and give to the wines of the area their freshness and acidity. Also benefiting from a Mediterranean climate and powerful local Mistral wind, the grapes thrive with warmth and do not suffer from humidity. Thus, the wines are powerful, round and flavoursome. Heat and freshness combined provide Laudun wine great harmony and balance, which can not be found in the rest of the Rhône Valley.

釀酒過程 :
Thanks to the climate, Syrah and Grenache reach perfect maturity before harvesting. The grapes are quickly transported to the winery in small cases to avoid the oxidation of the juice. Each variety is vinified separately. Syrah ferments at a temperature below 27°C, then macerates shortly during 2 weeks to bring maximum black fruit flavour. This variety also provides the majority of the tannins. Punching of the cap and releasing enable to extract maximum tannins. Grenache is vinified at higher temperature (28-29°C) to extract power and fat. The maceration lasts long (3 to 4 weeks) to get maximum complexity from the fruit of the Grenache. Ageing takes place during 8 months in 100 year old oak vats to develop fat and length, and concrete vats to reveal the fruit.

酒評 :

Color – Dark ruby.
Nose – Well balanced with black fruit notes, mint, violet and vanilla hints.
Palate – Rich, concentrated and elegant, with soft and melting tannins. Aromas of wild berries and black cherry follow on harmoniously. The finale is long and flavorful.

Food Pairing and Serving
Serve at 17 °C. Open 4 hours in advance.
Savor with chorizo and broad beans salad, beef and honey stew, pork slices with blue cheese sauce, red fruit pie with dark chocolate cream.