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N.I.P 無名氏 - 限量版 "Awakenings" 手工氈酒 500ml

N.I.P 無名氏 - 限量版 "Awakenings" - N.I.P 2020 Year-end Limited Edition Gin 500ml 『根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未...

N.I.P 無名氏 - 限量版 "Awakenings" - N.I.P 2020 Year-end Limited Edition Gin 500ml

“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”


ABV 45%

限量版 “覺醒” 杜松子酒。由香港NIP蒸餾廠限量生產,以慶祝節日來臨,度過艱難的一年。靈感來自聖誕布甸,蘊含蘋果肉桂香氣,以豐富果香調為基礎,尾調散發出溫暖的肉桂香氣和錫蘭紅茶茶香,令人流連忘返。

N.I.P - Limited Edition “Awakenings” is a gin created to reflect upon all the positive things amid a difficult year of 2020. With the year drawing to a close, the illustration celebrates all the memories and experiences we held dear throughout the year, whether it be an extent of self-growth, discovering new things about ourselves, or as simple as a closer relationship with our loved ones, family or friends. With that in mind, a whimsical scene was born bringing vibrant colours and shining light on the road ahead for all of us in Hong Kong – a road that is filled with hope and happiness.

Inspired by our favourite home sweets and puddings, the “Awakenings” displays a vivid apple and spices nosing, coupled with a warm, and fruity palette to begin with, followed by rushes of warm spices and tea to linger at the end.  We hope upon sipping the “Awakenings”, our guests feel the warmth and familiar scent of celebrations, and realise that even in tough times, there is still something to smile for.

Illustration Artist: Julia Marinelli