Two Moons - Five Flowers Tea Gin 五花茶氈酒 2.0 700ml

Two Moons

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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

70cl | 47% vol.
Craft Distilled In Hong Kong with ROOM 309  

我們與隱秘雞尾酒酒吧 ROOM 309 再次聯手合作推出全新 Two Moons x ROOM 309 五花茶氈酒!延續2020年推出限量版五花茶氈酒的成功,重新推出五花茶氈酒 2.0。

除了味道層次得以改良外,由於反應熱烈,五花茶氈酒亦將會成為 Two Moons 永久口味!

  • 除了保留Two Moons Signature Dry Gin原有的十二種草本植物的精萃外
  • 幕後團隊精心挑選了五款花
  • 包括杭菊、雞蛋花、木棉花、金銀花和夏枯草
  • 採用特製專屬配方,令各種味道特性互相呼應,互相平衡
  • 陣陣幽香的杭菊花香吸引人湊近
  • 隨即迎來的是夏枯草和雞蛋花的淡淡甜味
  • 以及漸漸滲出的金銀花與木棉花的草本香氣
  • 餘韻以甘草的甘苦味結尾,每一口都是多層次的享受
  • 不論是直接純飲,還是配上湯力水一起喝,都令人一試難忘

A classic representation of comfort, Five Flowers Tea has long been a famous quick-fix remedy in Hong Kong to detoxify the body, cleanse heat and expel fatigue. Taking inspiration from this ancient concoction, our all new Five Flowers Tea Gin 2.0 with a revamped formula crafted in collaboration with celebrity mixologist Antonio Lai and his creative team at speakeasy bar ROOM 309, reinterprets a traditional herbal drink in a whole new format, enabling us to evolve with modern times while still honoring traditions that root us. 

Tasting Notes: Herbal, earthy and soothing. On the nose, a floral bouquet of chrysanthemum (菊花) tempts you in for an inviting sip. On the palate, sweet notes of frangipani (雞蛋花) and self-heal (夏枯草) linger before transitioning into earthy, tangy notes of honeysuckle (金銀花) and silk cotton (木棉花).  

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